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Tatu Singers328951,304,932372
Spice Girls Singers51407147,920167
Veronica Twins singers742355,096186
The Veronicas Actress, Singers994354,74680
Booty Luv Singers747244,519137
Roni Duani Actresses/Singers 734326,0277
Prima J Singers784225,56221
Serebro Singers347322,88521
Nina Sky Singers730322,7094
Brick And Lace Singers751320,43316
Sunblock Singers743318,27216
No Angels Singers8383 (A)16,38117
All Angels Singers--new15,03330
Twiins Singers--new9,26531
Paola and Chiara Iezzi Singers--new1,9447

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