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Ines Sainz Sports Reporter104832,345,855911
Erin Andrews Sports Reporter, TV Personality95331,020,065764
Anna Kooiman Newsanchor, Reporter, TV Personality, Athlete, Model, Blogger2153414,2692,829
Michelle Beadle Sports Reporter, TV Personality1962277,857256
Charissa Thompson Reporter, TV Personality8673194,245356
Ainsley Earhardt Newsanchor, Reporter, Author3893170,171698
Katy Tur Reporter--new162,18556
Jimena Sanchez Model, Reporter3703154,467245
Heather Childers Newsanchor, Reporter--new128,937218
Tania Rincon Sports Reporter2513113,48882
Sarah Jane Mee Sports Reporter, TV Personality--new103,89285
Heather Nauert Newsanchor, Reporter, US State Department Spokesperson49391,303564
Holly Sonders Sports Reporter, TV Personality, Athlete163364,711186
Vanessa Huppenkothen Reporter, Model220364,30641
Cristina Pedroche Model, Actress, Reporter775359,76157
Molly Qerim Reporter--new58,13942
Kathryn Tappen Sports Reporter, TV Personality--new52,71825
Heather Zara Reporter744349,18023
Tamron Hall Newsanchor, Reporter872 (A)45,06957
Addis Tunon Reporter, voice, actress--new44,82446
Alina Moine Sports Reporter, Model--new42,91426
Ivon Gaete Sports Reporter732340,70016
Alyonka Larionov Sports Reporter, Model, Singer--new39,05187
Bonnie Bernstein News Anchor, Sports Reporter739338,85816
Dorothy Lucey Reporter752338,74269
Jamie Little Sports Reporter, Model--new37,81131
Adrianna Costa Reporter, TV Personality733337,42131
Jenn Brown ESPN reporter--new36,85826
Jennifer Sterger Model, Reporter3533 (A)35,776107
Heidi Watney Sports Reporter--new34,73335
Norah Odonnell Newsanchor, Reporter184331,65299
Lindsay Czarniak Reporter, TV Personality451330,78525
Erin Hawksworth News Reporter--new30,25315
Lee Mckenzie Reporter, Newsanchor560229,61815
Erin Nicole TV News Reporter, Music Video Actress and Detroit Pistons "Arena Hostess"742329,58717
Hazel Mae Sports Reporter1583 (A)28,47726
Alejandra Prat TV REPORTER762328,28033
Jill Arrington Sports Reporter1043328,1718
Lauren Sivan tv reporter, anchor--new27,94844
Giorgia Rossi Sports Reporter, TV Personality--new26,586150
Candice Crawford Sports Reporter, Miss Missouri 2008759325,96315
Jessica Holmes Reporter, TV Personality--new24,46121
Heather Nichols Reporter, Actress750323,93315
Kelly O Donnell Reporter--new23,03422
Lise Ronne Reporter, TV Personality846321,92818
Shira Lazar Reporter, TV Personality7953 (A)21,86036
Krista Voda Sports Reporter, TV Personality--new21,12726
Julie Banderas Newsanchor, Reporter--new20,92018
Dayna Devon TV Host, Entertainment Reporter736319,7890
Alex Flanagan Sports Reporter--new19,4596
Becky Quick TV, reporter, Co-Anchor, Squawk Box, CNBC--new (A)19,3577
Samantha Steele Sports Reporter--new18,47414
Tameka Jacobs fashion model, spokesmodel, dancer, radio news reporter and actress737317,6170
Sarah Kustok Sports Reporter--new16,22759
Lauren Gardner Reporter,Cheerleader--new15,73888
Lea Gabrielle Newsanchor, Reporter, Pilot, US Navy Veteran51315,266145
Katherine Timpf TV Personality, Reporter, Comedian61315,02582
Lynn Berry Newsanchor, Reporter--new14,18585
Laurie Cholewa Reporter87312,93819
Ashley Russell Sports Reporter266312,40814
Kristina Akra Sideline Sports Reporter--new11,11814
Allison Kaden News Reporter--new10,23036
Shibani Joshi Reporter--new9,7854
Lauren Simonetti Newsanchor, Reporter, Producer--new9,374223
Rebecca Haarlow TV Broadcaster, Sideline Reporter--new8,7223
Jackie Ibanez Newsanchor, Reporter--new8,498308
Tamsen Fadal Newsanchor, Reporter--new7,6489
Lara Alvarez Reporter--new7,0221
Rachel Nichol Sports Reporter--new6,9636
Maddie Gardner Reporter, Journalist--new6,64216
Monica Morales News Journalist, Reporter, Anchor--new6,38741
Carolyn Gusoff Reporter, News Journalist--new5,88211
Shannon Bream Newsanchor, Reporter, Miss Virginia 19906535,41551
Michelle McMahon Sports Reporter, TV Personality, Athlete--new5,243235
Kaylee Hartung Reporter--new5,13917
Meredith Marakovits Sports Reporter, TV Personality--new4,4598
Jamie Colby Newsanchor, Reporter, TV Personality5334,32635
Amber Wilson Sports Reporter--new3,9013
Yasmin Vossoughian Reporter--new3,74611
Lisa Joyner Newsanchor, Reporter--new3,4666
Cecilia Vega Reporter, TV Personality--new3,3522
Rosalyn Gold Onwude Sports Reporter--new3,18947
Ashley Luther Reporter--new2,79217
Abby Huntsman Newsanchor, Reporter--new2,64130
Carley Shimkus Reporter, Producer, TV Personality, Radio Personality--new2,09736
Gabriela Mia Reporter, TV Personality--new1,9368
Jackie Redmond Sports Reporter, TV Personality, Athlete2831,44860

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