Welcome to lazygirls.info's partnership program, where you get to be part of fun!

This program is for the women that would like to be a part of lazygirls.info.

 Partnership Program Benefits

1) Control over your content. Gain the ability to upload, delete and rename your images. Set the option to either allow or block others to upload images of you.

2) Customize your profile page by describing yourself and setting your primary image.

3) Set a custom watermark on all of your images or set no watermark.

4) Promote yourself by including a link to your website of choice under each of your images.

5) Add your own advertisements to share in on the revenue earned when viewing your images.

6) Get special recognition when posting in the forums and when signed in.

7) Listings in the directory and the home page will be unique, and let you stand out from the crowd.

8) Individuals representing themselves will receive a single profile page and magazines will be granted one profile page per women they represent.

9) Special statistics page that will show how many people have viewed your images and have became your fans.

10) If you are already in the directory, you will be granted full ownership of the existing content.

Eligibly Requirements

1) Content owners of women celebrities

2) Follow our sites terms of service, adult content is not allowed

3) Valid identification and proof of content ownership required

How to JOIN the Partnership Program

To join the partnership program, please first Sign Up. Then email us at lazygirls@gmail.com and let us know that you are interested. Please include the username you used when signing up plus some form of valid identification. Valid identification can be a photo of yourself holding a sign 'I'm on lazygirls.info!', any type of scanned identification card, or from a official email address from a domain name that represents who you are (not yahoo/hotmail/gmail.)
Don't forget, you must email us to become a

Above described benefits and eligibility might change.