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Another of the yellow bikini
 by $KTMLew01 6 years ago, 5,445 views
See-Thru Negligee
 by $KTMLew01 6 years ago with 4 comments, 6,939 views
Huge Yellow Bikini Picture
 by $KTMLew01 6 years ago with 3 comments, 5,407 views
Set Date Of Birth
 by $KTMLew01 7 years ago, 4,922 views
Set Place Of Birth
 by $KTMLew01 7 years ago, 4,908 views
wow just wow
 by nghoaini 7 years ago with 1 comment, 5,540 views
Date of Birth
 by $joe923 10 years ago, 344 views
Birth place
 by $joe923 10 years ago, 314 views
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Sharon Case Bio

Born on February 9, 1971
( 47 years old )
Was born in
Detroit, Michigan, USA
2.6 on the Celebrity or Not? voting scale
118 fans have selected her as their favorite