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Social Media Thread.
 by $$$Chef72 31 days ago with 2 comments, 229 views
Large update: Mostly instagram, some red carpet. She is HOT!
 by $$$Chef72 3 months ago with 4 comments, 265 views
Happy Birthday (No new pics.)
 by $$$Chef72 4 years ago, 418 views
Misc. recent pics x 8.
 by $$$Chef72 4 years ago with 1 comment, 304 views
Oldies but goodies x19
 by $$$Chef72 5 years ago, 1,067 views
Looking sexy @Totall Recall premeire, Los Angeles.
 by $$$Chef72 5 years ago with 1 comment, 1,063 views
23 new pics added. (MQ) Good stuff!
 by $$$Chef72 5 years ago with 2 comments, 1,111 views
Looking hot in green dress
 by $$$Chef72 5 years ago with 3 comments, 1,089 views
New Lazygirl added
 by $$$Chef72 5 years ago with 7 comments, 1,183 views
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Nicole Lapin Bio

Born on March 7, 1984
( 33 years old )
Was born in
Los Angeles, California, USA
2.8 on the Celebrity or Not? voting scale
77 fans have selected her as their favorite