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Very Hot at The Helene Fischer Show In Berlin 11dec2013
 by $$$loft 4 years ago with 4 comments, 916 views
Bambi Awards 2013 In Berlin 14nov
 by $$$loft 5 years ago with 1 comment, 560 views
Helene Fischer Sexy Stewardess
 by FlixFlax 6 years ago with 2 comments, 6,954 views
Sexy cleavage at the Geri Born Photoshoot
 by $$$loft 6 years ago with 1 comment, 7,998 views
Helene Fischer - 2011-12-21 'Die Helene Fischer Show' x10
 by Eagleeye 7 years ago with 5 comments, 6,044 views
Helene Fischer Event Magazin Sept2010twothousan Cover

Helene Fischer Bio

Born on August 5, 1984
( 34 years old )
Was born in
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2.8 on the Celebrity or Not? voting scale
167 fans have selected her as their favorite