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Nude Covered "Steppin Out" March 31, 2010 [UHQ]
 by $$$bretttucker 5 years ago with 4 comments, 4,697 views
 by Phe0nix 6 years ago, 4,956 views
Birth place
 by ihjttvkk 7 years ago, 290 views
Date of birth
 by alexxx714 7 years ago, 323 views
I hate when a girl's name is spelled wrong.
 by $satsunada 7 years ago with 1 comment, 585 views
Alessandra Torresani Vanity Unfair By Max Wiedemann
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Alessandra Torresani Bio

Born on May 29, 1987
( 30 years old )
Was born in
Palo Alto, California, USA
2.9 on the Celebrity or Not? voting scale
438 fans have selected her as their favorite